4 Reasons to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement (B.R.A.)

1. To secure access to a REALTORS'® knowledge of properties, neighbourhoods and the market. 2. Reassurance that as a home buyer, you will receive expert, professional advice from your REALTOR®. 3. To have some of your home buying "must-haves" registered on the Buyer Registry Service, so selling REALTORS® can find them easily. 4. By signing [...]

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Buyer Representation Agreement – B.R.A.

The Buyer Representation Agreement. Guaranteeing You the Very Best in Real Estate Service. When it comes to just about every kind of contract, signing on the dotted line makes us all a little bit nervous. When selling a home, most people are aware they sign a Listing Agreement with a REALTOR®. There is, however, an [...]

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