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City of Vaughan Citizen's Group Blog

Recently, I came across a very interesting and thought provoking local blog in Vaughan.  The title of the Blog is “City of Vaughan Citizen’s Group Blog”.  The blog’s focus is principally centered on the hotly contested topic of municipal politics in Vaughan.

The authors of the blog are Tracey Kent and Richard Lorello who both clearly share a passion for local politics and the City of Vaughan.  Both Ms. Kent and Mr. Lorello are non-relenting in their attempts at challenging the status quo of municipal Government in Vaughan.  To this end, both are steadfast in trying to promote fairness and transparency within the political arena.

In one of his most recent posts, Mr. Lorello succinctly nicely summarizes the blog’s underlying objectives:

I am not looking for a huge response, not even a minor one. But I am hoping this will be a small vessel to have a few voices ‘heard’, maybe introduce people to one another and bring about some of the hope we need.
Sharing information, ideas and respect…all good things.

The Blog is an excellent example of the new age of media and engagement at a hyper local level.  I encourage anyone remotely interested in the political scene in Vaughan to visit.  All comments are welcomed.

As an aside, I have no affiliation with either of the authors of the Blog.

Please click to view the City of Vaughan Citizen’s Group Blog

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